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Chameleon V Plate Reader
LSC, Luminescence, Fluorescence, TRF, FP, Absorbance, Gamma & Beta labels Ultra Sonicator LodeStar Automated Beta Counter High Performance Gamma Counters
Welcome to LKB Instruments

LKB Instruments. Head Office is based in Australia with locations in New Zealand, Japan and China to support the South East Asia region.

LKB is a Distributor for Tomtec 96 well Filtermat or Millipore Plate Cell Harvester and Brandel Harvesters designed for use with the Wallac MicroBeta and Packard Topcount. The Cell Harvester mates perfectly with The Chameleon V Multilabel counter with the Plate Reader options of TRF, Time Resolved Fluorometry, FL, Fluorescence, FP, Fluorescence Polarization, Lum, Luminescence, Flash & Glow with Injectors, UV-Vis, LSC, Liquid Scintillation Counting for all Radioactive Beta Counter capabilities. Pre-programmed windows for Tritium, 3H, Carbon 14, C14, P32, P33, I125 and any other isotope.

C14, Carbon 14 Breath Test can be performed on our Triathler series of Instruments.

Our Dedicated RIA Gamma Counter Genii Multiwell and Nuclear Medicine Gamma Counter  is a modern alternative to the LKB Gamma 1260 and 1261 for Isotope counting of I125, I131, Cr51, Tc99, Zn65 Cu64, Cu65, Co57, Co58 source and any other Radioactive Isotope to 2000 KeV.

Bandelin Ultrasonicator, Ultrasonic Water Bath, Sonicator systems are a real asset to you Lab. Cleaning, degassing, manipulation of DNA Cells with our Homogenizer range is straight forward.

For Lab Automation we are the supplier for Tomtec Liquid Handler Robots and Systems. For Research and HTS to UHTS applications in 96, 384, 1536 well SBS plates. The range includes an Automated Plate Sealer with stackers, Plate Washer, Plate Incubator, Multiple Homogeniser system.
SPE, Solid Phase Extraction, Genomic, Proteomic, magnetic bead, nano Technology.

Our Hoelzel Pipette Washer is Automated for cleaning hundreds and depending on size, thousands of pipettes in a single cycle. Multiple Protocols utilizing Tap or Deionized water, rinse, drying. Save water, save time. Load and walk away Technology.

Hidex TDCR Automated Beta Counter.
The greatest advantage of TDCR is the easy and straightforward method of obtaining counting efficiency of the samples without any external or internal standard source of radioactivity.
Count 96 Samples per rack in an 8 x 12 format (7 mL Vial).

LKB Instruments Australia Service and Support Centre can offer assistance with your LKB, EG&G, Wallac, Packard, Canberra Technologies, LSC, Beta and Gamma Counter.
We even offer an Isotope Removal Service to remove the Internal Standard, such as Radium 226, Barium 133, I129 etc when the Instrument is no longer required.


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Chameleon V Plate Reader
Ultra Sonicator
LodeStar Automated Beta Counter
High Performance Gamma Counters
TDCR Automated Beta Counter

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